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How to Change the World

Jul 31, 2018

Jack Wight, CEO of Buyback Boss

Carri Dougher, COO of Buyback Boss

We have a special interview this week featuring two guests: CEO Jack Wight and COO Carrie Dougher of Buyback Boss. They encourage folks who have old iPhones and Samsungs lying around to put them to good use by selling them back through their company, which offers cash payment.

The story of Buyback Boss is a fascinating one. Jack started the company out of his Arizona State University dorm room and Carrie lived just next door. Up to his ears in used phones and shipment packaging, Carrie’s top-notch Excel skills added systems and process to a great idea. A few years down the road, Jack’s natural entrepreneurialism and Carrie’s operational prowess have created a rapidly growing company, with a team of eleven and expanding profits. We talk to them about how it all started, the lessons they’ve learned, and what the future holds.