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How to Change the World

Jul 16, 2018

Noah Karvelis, Co-Founder of Arizona's Educators United

If you've been in Arizona or on the internet lately, chances are you've heard of the #RedforEd movement for increased public education funding. Support has been posted in business windows, written on vehicles, discussed on national news, worn on shirts, and resulted in a historic teacher walkout across the state.

This week, we sit down with one of the people who helped to start it all. Noah Karvelis co-founded Arizona Educators United and helped spark the #RedforEd movement in Arizona. We discussed the reality for Arizona educators today, how teachers mobilized, and what leading a movement has been like every step of the way.

The movement continues. 270,000 signatures were recently submitted to the Arizona Secretary of State to place the Invest in Education Act on the state's ballot this November. Due to the inaction of the Arizona State Legislature earlier this year, this ballot initiative seeks to raise the revenue necessary to restore some of the $1 billion that has been cut from public schools since 2008. Javelina is excited and honored to be a partner in this effort as the general consultant on the campaign moving forward.